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  • Files must be in industry standard PDF format, with no extra security applied. Please keep filenames simple, in Latin-based alphabets, and avoid spaces or special characters if possible - short clear filenames are best. A guide to conversion time is that a 100 page PDF should take less that 1 minute to convert unless it contains a large amount of graphics or images.
  • The SVG/Text option converts the file to a scalable format with text made available so that it can be searched. The Image/Text option converts the file pages to image format with text searching - USE IMAGE/TEXT mode if pages do not display correctly using SVG
  • If you have any problems with file uploading, or have technical or commercial questions regarding the service, please Contact us
  • The maximum file size for uploads for the FREE SERVICE is 8 MB and 50 pages
  • The maximum file size for SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES is from 32Mb and up to 5000+ pages (please see the Pricing page for more details)
  • Free uploads are retained for up to 7 days unless registered - for ongoing usage please Contact us with your requirements
  • Service usage requires a modern HTML5 compatible web browser with JavaScript enabled and access to third party sites not restricted